Export of Kabkab dates and Zahedi dates

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The Tavakoli date company located at the heart of Kabkab dates and Zahedi dates in Iran with suitable .designed. packages for export is ready to provide high quality dates from Bushehr province

One of the effective factors in determining the appropriate strategies for extraversion in each country is the export capacity and capabilities and having a comparative advantage in the production and export of certain goods. Considering the exceptional situation and conditions of the Bushehr Province in the production of dates, and the location of the Tavakkoli date company in Dashtestan, The company has created a competitive advantage in the market of dates , Has a significant role in the target market for export of Iranian dates

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Kabakab and Zahedi dates in Bushehr province

Bushehr province has a privileged position in producing dates. This province has a special tendency in producing dates relative to the whole country of Iran. In addition, Dashtestan for three perspectives: performance, scale and location index is the best place for date production in the province

Annually, 150 thousand tons of dates are produced in Bushehr province, most of which is Kabkab dates and part of it is Zahedi dates. from this, 25 thousand tons of dates worth $30 million, most of which are Zahedi dates, are exported abroad.

Ability to produce and export high quality products at reasonable prices

Why Tavakoli Dates

Exporting dates

Bushehr province is the most suitable market for exporting Iranian dates. The Tavakoli date company is located in this province

Date packaging

Packaging is an indispensable part for the products of the date, which is to identify and maintain the product from production to consumption

Zahedi dates

Zahedi dates are major products and exports in Iran. Zahedi dates are very desirable products.

Kabkab dates

Kabkab dates is one of the most important dates in the country and is one of the most abundant dates in Iran.

We design the packages according to the taste and requirements of our customers

Producing high quality products with respect to branding, improving the quality of product packaging and modifying distribution networks is our goal

خرمای کبکاب صادراتی توکلی
خرمای کبکاب صادراتی توکلی
خرمای کبکاب صادراتی توکلی
خرمای کبکاب صادراتی توکلی
خرمای کبکاب صادراتی توکلی

The Target Markets for Tavakoli Dates Export

So far, Russia, United Arab Emirates, Iraq, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Germany, India, Pakistan, and Afghanistan have been and are the largest commercial partners of Tavakoli dates

The Tavakoli Dates Co., using the most modern transportation methods and focusing on types of commercial, value added and expanded consumption markets, and the other types of cultivation development, is one of the most important categories in the production of this product, which can be implemented in Eliminating the barriers to the production and export of dates in Bushehr province.

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