Date Types

Khasoe Dates

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Khasoe dates are one of the varieties of dates in the Bushehr province. These dates can be found only in the foothills of Zagros in the historic city of Jam, which are located in the center of the cities of Assaluyeh, Kangan, Farashband, Firoozabad and Qiro Karzai. This city has long been known as one of the main poles of date production in Bushehr province, and special dates are considered to be the best and most distinguished dates in the region.

The Khasoe dates are clear brown in color, so that its size is smaller than the varieties of dates in the province. These dates are more sour and full of juice, so if you keep the dates in a container for three to four hours, they are immersed in their sap and they are always exported to neighboring countries of the Persian Gulf.

In addition to exporting this fruit abroad, it has a very good market inside Iran, so these dates are known as the second highest quality date in Isfahan province. In addition to the special dates that are called special dates, in this city, species such as pyramid can be found in more dry and mildew species, but the amount of special dates of cultivation is so much that it is always the only palm to the city This is the case. Pyram Jam dates were low due to low rates, and the harvest was always less worthy of attention, although these dates are known as the most valuable dates in Iran.

Khasoe dates are the most important dates in Behbahan (Khuzestan). A special date is a good bread and has a very sweet fruit. The color of the red fruit and its size is small. In Fasa (Fars province), this date is called a special date and in terms of quality in the city of second grade dates. In Behbahan, it is also called the same name. Its maintenance is very high.