Date Types

Piarom Dates

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Piarom dates are commercial grade one. Due to its high quality and marketable quality, the dates are considered as a special export fruit. The product has so far been able to shine well in world markets. Meat and peanuts are linked to each other. Piarom dates look nice and nice. Also, the process of washing the dates of the pyramid is done completely. Most of the sugar in the pyramid is fructose. Pyramids are used easily and quickly in the body’s metabolism. And those who once ate these dates are usually the regular consumer of these dates due to their excellent taste and favorable appearance and other nutritional properties. Piarom dates are rich in sugars, proteins and other minerals and have high nutritional value. Due to its high tolerance to salinity, it has been cultivated over large areas of Haji Abad gardens. The villages of Sarkhahan, Tejarj, Mangnyeyeh, Shahdadi, Sadegh, the lower and upper districts, Shahr, Shahr, Shahmah, Trek and … in Hajiabad are the major points in the production of Piarom dates. Harvesting the dates of the pyramid begins from the first of the month of September and continues until the end of the month of Aban.

Cultivation siteHaji Abad County Hormozgan Province
Thickness of the skinThin
Colordark brown
Sugar typefructose
PropertiesRich in sugars, proteins and other minerals
Date pickingFrom September until end of November
Shape of the fruitTall and stretched (with wrinkled appearance)
Consumption StageDate
MaintenanceIn a dry and cool place (0C> T> 10C)
Fruit tissueDry