Hometown of Kabkab date

Kabkab date Exporting are obtained in Bushehr and is full of Sap. These dates are one of the most economical export quotes in the country and have a dark brown color. Its oval core, along with high core adhesion to fruit, is one of the capabilities of these dates.

Healthy properties of Kabkab dates

Kabkab date for having anticancer magnesium, and also being useful for hearing, sight, back pain, joint pain, breast and lung treatment is nice

خرمای کبکاب صادراتی توکلی

Kabkab date nutritive value

Using two to three dates per day will provide an important part of the body's daily requirement for sugar, fat, protein and vitamins.


The protein contained in the Kabkab dates increase muscle mass and physical activity, making the bones healthy and reducing the appetite for a variety of foods.


Carbohydrate is the only energy used in the nervous system that saves body protein intake, and it absorbs calcium and phosphorus.


Calorie in Kabkab date prevent premature aging, because using these dates, the process of penetrating radicals into tissues is prevented.


Soluble fiber is very useful for heart health and weight control. Fiber also increases the time it takes to digest and absorb nutrients


The iron in the dates increases the resistance and growth of the body. The fruit also gives a dazzling color to the skin.


Magnesium in kabkab Dates has an important role in preventing cardiovascular, hypertension and diabetes.

Vitamin b6

B6 is effective in neuronal activities, and eating kabkab dates will release the body’s stored sugar


Calcium is a factor in bone strength. kabkab dates are rich in calcium and involves coagulation of the bloodstream and regulates heart rate.


This mineral material increases the appetite and mobility of the person, controls the high blood pressure and reduces the risk of stroke.

Types of kabkab dates Exporting

Tavakoli Date Co, Kabkab dates exporting with a variety of small, large and crystalline cartons.

Kabkab Date Growth Process

The palm tree begins to blossom from early spring, and it continues until September, to sit down and be ready to be used.

Kabkab date

During this time, the fruit is quite ripe and soft and sweet and juicy, which is called dill, and it turns into dates in a short time.


At this stage, the fruit is colored and takes the yellow and red colors. At this stage, the fruit is edible and has a lot of fans.


The second stage is called a Khalal. A fruit that is not too large and green in color. This fruitful stage increases with the weight and volume of the fruit and takes up almost the original shape.

Palm bloom

This month the blossoms are revealed after the splinting of the tore. Palm breeding takes place at this stage

The Target Markets for Tavakoli Dates Export

So far, Russia, United Arab Emirates, Iraq, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Germany, India, Pakistan, and Afghanistan have been and are the largest commercial partners of Tavakoli dates

The Tavakoli Dates Co., using the most modern transportation methods and focusing on types of commercial, value added and expanded consumption markets, and the other types of cultivation development, is one of the most important categories in the production of this product, which can be implemented in Eliminating the barriers to the production and export of dates in Bushehr province.

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